Bridge Youth Olympic film released

The mascot of the 2014 Youth Olympics, Lele.

Crystal CG have released the film from the Bridge project as part of the opening of the Youth Olympic Museum in Nanjing, China.

The film is displayed on a 120-degree 3-D screen arched around the End Hall of the museum.

The Bridge team designed the narrative and story while also providing an animatic to guide animation production and shooting in China. Due to the size of the screen, the team had to adjust its visual storytelling techniques to account for the size of the screen, incorporating movement and location-based storytelling. The entire collaboration crossed language barriers and a 16-hour time difference all in seven weeks so the film could be produced on time and to the standard of the Nanjing Olympic Committee. The president of China attended the premier of the film at the museum’s opening. The film is the final exhibit on the museum tour.

Crystal CG have also developed digital animations for the Beijing and London Olympic Games. The Bridge team also provided an interactive prototype for future development of the story’s IP and the Youth Olympic legacy.

The English version of the film is below. For the Chinese version, click here.


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