Bridge Youth Olympic film released

Crystal CG have released the film from the Bridge project as part of the opening of the Youth Olympic Museum in Nanjing, China. The film is displayed on a 120-degree 3-D screen arched around the End Hall of the museum. The Bridge team designed the narrative and story while also providing an animatic to guide […]

Short Story: “The Wonderer”

A humourous short story published in Fathom: Dalhousie’s Journal of Creative Writing.     Edited  by Kathryn Wooler, April 2012.     There was something that Max was wondering. He had been wondering it for a long time, and it didn’t look like he would stop wondering about it any time soon. It was a problem […]

Stageplay: Homegrown Script Project

Three scenes from the Musquodoboit Valley Homegrown Script Project produced for the Bicentennial Theatre.     The following are three scenes from Hometown, the final product of the Musquodoboit Valley Scriptwriting Project where I led a team of young writers in designing and producing a feature-length play. I was also an associate producer for the […]

Critique: Story Feedback

A written critique of a fellow writer’s work in a creative writing workshop (names omitted).   The following is an example of my general written feedback and critical analysis of a story in development.     Hi again, XXXXX. Very nice work with the changes in this story. I’m so glad that we’ve been able […]

Game Script: “Into the Sea”

A game script produced in six hours for a the Centre for Digital Media alumni hack-a-thon.   Click to view a PDF of the game’s script spreadsheet: Into The Sea Script Database (web)

Screenplay: 2014 Youth Olympics

A screenplay produced as a part of the Bridge project for Crystal CG and the Nanjing Youth Olympics. Click to view the screenplay: Bridge_Screenplay_FINAL

Spin Your Way Home live on FGL

I’m happy to announce that The Michi Company’s new game, Spin Your Way Home, is now live for bidding on Flash Gaming License. Spin Your Way Home is a rotating puzzle platformer for the browser market where players manipulate gravity to progress through a punishing dungeon world in search of Michi’s lost mother. Spin Your Way Home has been […]