Sample Work

Below are some writing and production samples for those interested. Samples cover screenwriting, written critiques, plays, fiction, journalism and gamewriting.

Short Interactive Scene

A short interaction built in Twine, from a project I’ve been working on, featuring a short–and quite strange–encounter with a beetle-farmer lost in the woods.

2014 Youth Olympics Film Screenplay

A screenplay produced as a part of the Bridge project for Crystal CG and the Nanjing Youth Olympics.

Game Script: “Into the Sea”

A game script produced in six hours for a the Centre for Digital Media alumni hack-a-thon.

Homegrown Script Project

Three scenes from the Musquodoboit Valley Homegrown Script Project produced for the Bicentennial Theatre.

Short Story: “The Wonderer”

A humourous short story published in Fathom: Dalhousie’s Journal of Creative Writing.

Journalism: The Many Suits of the Herald’s New Uncle

A narrative profile of Chronicle Herald associate publisher Ian Thompson, produced for the King’s Journalism Review as my honours project for the University of King’s College School of Journalism.

Critical Analysis: “Papers, Please”

A short essay considering the use of space in crafting the narrative design of Luke Pope’s “Papers, Please.”

Narrative Design: Timing Scene List for 360-degree Film

A timing list from the master design document used to coordinate and stage AWAKE, a 360-degree interactive film viewable on iPads.

Interactive Screenplay: AWAKE 360-degree Film

The screenplay for a single room in AWAKE. Users may move between rooms at will. View the room here.

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