Spin Your Way Home live on FGL

I’m happy to announce that The Michi Company’s new game, Spin Your Way Home, is now live for bidding on Flash Gaming License. Spin Your Way Home is a rotating puzzle platformer for the browser market where players manipulate gravity to progress through a punishing dungeon world in search of Michi’s lost mother. Spin Your Way Home has been […]

Spin Your Way Home

A rotating puzzle platformer for the browser market where a blob battles gravity to unravel the mystery of his mother’s disappearance. Role: Producer and game designer View the gameplay video. May 2014 – present   Where the Project Is At Spin Your Way Home is currently seeking publication after a successful 12-week development cycle in the Centre for […]

Snake and Bun

A free-to-play multiplayer Android game for two players on one phone, developed and published in one week. Role: Producer Play the game! May 2014   What I Changed? Snake and Bun was almost entirely an exercise in redefining the concept and rescoping. Changes began early and were all made in collaboration because it was the only way […]