The Merchant Sailor

A blog covering the Canadian Premier League, Halifax Wanderers FC, and local Atlantic soccer. Role: Creator and designer September 2018 – present     What I Changed Halifax is not a hotbed of Canadian soccer. The former professional players from the region can be counted on one hand. Back in 2008, I started one of […]

Four Days Occupied

A narrative non-fiction feature on the Occupy Wall Street movement and the occupation of Zucotti Park, by Niko Bell. Role: Editor Published in The Dalhousie Gazette November 2012     What I Changed Up until this project, The Dalhousie Gazette had never sent a reporter outside Nova Scotia. Occasionally, a travelling student would report back with some travel-diary from […]

The Many Suits of the Herald’s New Uncle

A narrative profile of Ian Thompson, the newly-hired associate publisher at Halifax’s The Chronicle Herald, produced as an honours thesis. Published in the King’s Journalism Review February 2012     What I Changed The Many Suits of the Herald’s New Uncle was a project I produced for the King’s Journalism Review under the direction of David Swick. I outlined […]

AUS Hockey’s Headshot Problem

An article analyzing and revealing the high percentage of hits to the head in university hockey. Referenced by CBC in a follow-up story. Published at January 2012   After attending an AUS hockey game for fun, I saw an opportunity to take some initiative in finding a story that hadn’t been talked about enough: that […]

Musquodoboit Valley Homegrown Script Project

A project to develop a for full-length feature play written by young writers for production by Musquodoboit Rural High School in conjunction with the Musquodoboit Valley Bicentennial Theatre. Role: Head writer and associate producer Read a sample from the script. January 2009 – September 2011   What I Changed I initiated the Homegrown Script Project when informed by a contact that […]


A series of five interconnected short films about an artist’s life and family, told through his interactions with apple trees. Role: Producer and script editor September 2013 – October 2013   What I Changed? Apples was my first project at the Centre for Digital Media, where my team and I were tasked with creating a minimum of four short […]


An interactive 360° film where viewers use tablets to explore the wake of esteemed cultural critic Leyland Barracroft, uncovering schemes, secrets and shame. Role: Writer and script editor View the project on (best with an iPad) View a script from one of the rooms (PDF) View a sample from the story database used for organizing the […]


A story concept, storyboard and animatic produced  in conjunction with Crystal CG and displayed in the Youth Olympic Museum in Nanjing, China. Role: Producer and narrative designer May 2014 – August 2014   What I Changed I took a rapidly evolving project and facilitated a team of narrative designers, animators, and storyboard artists through iterations on […]