Sample Work

Below are some writing and production samples for those interested in evaluating my writing skills. Samples cover screenwriting, written critiques, plays, fiction, journalism and gamewriting.


2014 Youth Olympics Film Screenplay

A screenplay produced as a part of the Bridge project for Crystal CG and the Nanjing Youth Olympics.

Game Script: “Into the Sea”

A game script produced in six hours for a the Centre for Digital Media alumni hack-a-thon.

Homegrown Script Project

Three scenes from the Musquodoboit Valley Homegrown Script Project produced for the Bicentennial Theatre.

Short Story: “The Wonderer”

A humourous short story published in Fathom: Dalhousie’s Journal of Creative Writing.

Journalism: The Many Suits of the Herald’s New Uncle

A narrative profile of Chronicle Herald associate publisher Ian Thompson, produced for the King’s Journalism Review as my honours project for the University of King’s College School of Journalism.

Critical Analysis: “Papers, Please”

A short essay considering the use of space in crafting the narrative design of Luke Pope’s “Papers, Please.”

Narrative Design: Timing Scene List for 360-degree Film

A timing list from the master design document used to coordinate and stage AWAKE, a 360-degree interactive film viewable on iPads.

Interactive Screenplay: AWAKE 360-degree Film

The screenplay for a single room in AWAKE. Users may move between rooms at will. View the room here.


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