Particle Rush

A light-speed PC game being developed in Unreal Engine for a major indie marketplace. Role: Game designer and producer September 2014 – July 2016   What I Changed Particle Rush began as a very successful prototype at the Centre for Digital Media in the summer of 2014, attracting interest from several publishers after 12 weeks in the […]

Spin Your Way Home

A rotating puzzle platformer for the browser market where a blob battles gravity to unravel the mystery of his mother’s disappearance. Role: Producer and game designer View the gameplay video. May 2014 – present   Where the Project Is At Spin Your Way Home is currently seeking publication after a successful 12-week development cycle in the Centre for […]

Into the Sea

An underwater hide-and-seek game with a mystery at the end. Developed at the 2013 Centre for Digital Media Alumni Hack-a-thon. Role: Writer and narrative designer Read the game’s script. September 2013   What I Changed? Into the Sea is a short game produced in just over 30 hours at a hack-a-thon. I was directly involved in the initial concept […]


A first proof-of-concept prototype for a music-centric massively multiplayer online roleplaying game in development by String Theory Entertainment. Role: Project manager and narrative designer January 2014 – April 2014   What I Changed? Anthymn was a project of many changes, all made in collaboration on a seven-person core team at the Centre for Digital Media, and with the […]

Snake and Bun

A free-to-play multiplayer Android game for two players on one phone, developed and published in one week. Role: Producer Play the game! May 2014   What I Changed? Snake and Bun was almost entirely an exercise in redefining the concept and rescoping. Changes began early and were all made in collaboration because it was the only way […]


A dance-adventure game design concept, design document, and clickable prototype.